• Card payments
             Our web site is integrated with the secured PAYHERE payment gateway.
             Credit Card: any VISA, MASTER credit cards and American express cards.
             Debit Card: Online activated debits cards only.
             Other payment methods : Payhere also facilitates other online paying methods as well.
             ( Ex : Frimi, Genie etc.)NOTE : Please note that we do not have credit card payment on
             delivery with us at the moment.
  • Cash On Delivery ( COD )
            Cash on delivery is currently unavailable .
  • Bank Deposits
          First Please let us know that you are going to do a Bank Deposit. We will send you an email
          with the bank details. Let us know once the deposit is done within 1 working days and
          please share the an image of the deposit/transfer slip.If the payment is getting delay more.
          than 1 day do let us know to ensure that the product is available. Also please note that we
          are not delivering the product until we received the payment.

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